On the night of March 16, eight people were murdered in Atlanta, six were Asian women. The University of Washington School of Law extends its deepest sympathy to the family members and loved ones of those who were killed.

We are appalled by and denounce the increasing instances of bias, violence, and hate crimes directed toward Asian, Pacific Islander, and Asian American individuals. We recognize that anti-Asian prejudice is one form of systematic racism that continues to operate in our nation and in its institutions. The scapegoating of Asian, Pacific Islander and Asian Americans we are witnessing in the wake of the pandemic is a reminder that old stereotypes and racial “othering” often re-emerge in times of crisis, endangering the health and well-being of members of our community.

Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities have been deeply impacted by attacks that have caused physical and psychological harm. Press reports and anecdotal evidence point to many incidents of anti-Asian assaults, violence and harassment. We must find ways that hold harm-doers accountable at a standard that recognizes the severity and trauma these targeted attacks and murders have caused.

We unequivocally support and stand in solidarity with our Asian, Pacific Islander and Asian American students, faculty and staff. We will remain vigilant to the many ways that anti-Asian prejudice and bias affect us and continue working as a law school and as individuals to identify effective and actionable ways to address this and all forms of prejudice, stigmatization and racism.

We further urge all members of the UW Law community to actively continue to uphold our institutional values of diversity, equality, inclusion and anti-racism at this difficult moment in our national history. Our collective vigilance and vigorous actions can and will create a better and more just society.