Welcome to our incoming J.D. and graduate law students

UW Law warmly welcomes the 183 members of our incoming 1L class and 120 members of our graduate programs, which includes those pursuing an LL.M. or M.J. degree. Our newest Law Dawgs will join us for orientation starting on Monday, Sept. 19, and will start classes in William H. Gates Hall on Monday, Sept. 26.

"This incoming class of law students is highly accomplished,” said Cristina Arteaga, assistant dean for Admissions & Financial Aid. “They bring a variety of life and professional experiences in the private and public sector, ranging from finance and engineering to teaching and social work. We are thrilled to welcome them to UW Law.”

Incoming J.D. Class of 2025

The incoming J.D. class represents 91 colleges and universities. The top 5 alma maters are the University of Washington, Whitman College, University of California-Berkeley, University of Michigan and University of Oregon.

Ten percent of our 1Ls hold another graduate degree and 15.3% are first generation students.

LSAT and GPA figures are as follows: 75th percentile: 166/3.82; median: 164/3.7, and 25th percentile: 160/3.51.

Fifty percent of the incoming class is from Washington State. Thirty states and Guam are represented. The most represented states are: Washington (92), California (25), Oregon (7), Arizona (5) and New York (5).

Out of the 183 incoming students, 75 identify as male, 104 identify as female and 4 have an unknown or unspecified gender. The average age of the 1L class is 25. Nearly 12 percent are at least 30 years old.

About 38 percent of the incoming 1L class identifies as students of color, which does not include international students who hail from four countries. A quarter of our incoming 1L students identify as LGBTQ+. We also welcome former members of the military with 3.8 percent of our 1Ls having served in the U.S. Air Force, Army or Navy.

Out of 2,671 applications received, the incoming Law Dawgs made it through a 30% selection process.

Incoming LL.M. Class

86 students are entering UW Law to pursue their LL.M. degree, either full- or part-time. Thirty students are male, 55 are female and 1 is of unknown or unspecified gender. Of domestic students, 30 percent are from Washington State. Other top states represented are California, Idaho, Montana and Alaska. 55 of the incoming LL.M. students are from other countries.

“We are pleased that twenty-seven countries are represented in the incoming LL.M. class, from six of the inhabited continents,” said Terry Price, Executive Director of Graduate Education.

Incoming M.J. Class

56 percent of the incoming M.J. class are from Washington State. Other states represented are Arizona, Oregon and New Jersey. 15 international students are in the class, with three countries represented:  China, Korea and the U.S.

Students of color include three Black students and six Asian students. There are 12 male students, 21 female students and one student of unknown or unspecified gender.

Editor’s Note: The above information is preliminary and is subject to change. Official enrollment data will be available in mid-October. Enrollment headcount trends are currently available on the University of Washington’s public profiles.