UW Law Professor Emeritus Lea Vaughn recently coordinated a documentary film about race and education, Roosevelt High School: Beyond Black & White. The film is a production of Roosevelt Alumni for Racial Equity (RARE), a Seattle nonprofit formed to promote racial equity, with a focus on schools and their communities. RARE offers scholarships, this film, and monthly Open Discussions.

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In recognition of her work on the film, UW Law awarded Vaughn a 2022 Dean’s Medal. The documentary was also featured as part of the Introduction to Perspectives course, a foundational 1L course designed to widen the lens through which first-year students study law.

In his introduction of Vaughn for the Perspectives course, William Covington, associate dean for diversity, equity and inclusion, noted that while she retired three years ago, Vaughn has remained active in the community.

“Professor Vaughn knows and has helped educate her fellow RARE board members on the importance of looking at the character and potential of a student and not let our young people be defined by grades alone,” Covington said.

“I don’t use this label lightly, but Lea Vaughn is a heroine. She is a scholar, an educator, a mom, a wife, a mentor and a beacon illuminating all we can and all we should strive to be,” he said, adding that it was a signal honor to introduce Vaughn as a speaker for the Perspectives course.


Access the film’s complete toolkit on the RARE website.