Save the Date: 2022 Space Course: The Problem of Orbital Debris

Ever wonder what orbital debris, space traffic management and law and policy mean for the international community and the United States? This two-part series kicks off with a discussion on “The Problem of Orbital Debris" featuring special guest lecturers and authors from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Yale Law School and Cardiff University. Enter the realm of the unknown as the experts begin to unravel the who, what, when and how of space exploration.

Join us for a webinar from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 8, via Zoom.

  • The International Landscape: Orbital Debris and the Outer Space Treaty
  • National Measures: Law and Policy in the United States
  • The Future: Space Traffic Management

Distinguished Speakers

Our speakers will include:

  • Paul B. Larsen, Retired Professor, Southern Methodist University and Georgetown University
  • Gershon Hasin, Visiting Lecturer in Law, Yale University School of Law
  • Kathleen A. Doty, Advisor for Treaties & Agreements, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Jessica Rogers, International Lawyer and Legislative and Regulatory Analyst, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • P.J. Blount, Lecturer in Law, Cardiff University School of Law and Politics
  • Saadia M. Pekkanen, Professor & Founding Co-Director, Space Policy and Research Center; Founding Director, QUAL Program, University of Washington School of Law

Registration and CLE

We will be requesting 3.0 CLE credits for this event from the Washington State Bar Association.

Registration opens soon and fees include:

  • General admission: $75
  • Students, Faculty & Staff: Free

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