As Winter Quarter begins, a lively buzz fills William H. Gates Hall as students return to classes. We asked Law Dawgs across our academic programs to share highlights from 2023 and what they hope to achieve in 2024. Their answers range from personal milestones to intellectually stimulating professors and experiential learning opportunities here at UW Law.

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UW Law: What's a highlight for you for 2023?

Santi Pedraza, 1L: A highlight from 2023 was definitely getting into law school and then learning about everything that there is to do here. I participated in Moot Court, I joined the Latino Law Association as a 1L rep. And just really meeting, like, the amazing people that we have here on campus was definitely a highlight for me.

Imran Ghumnan, 2L. My highlight was my Legal Writing and Analysis class with Professor Sancken. I thought she was quite amazing. I learned a lot and helped develop those skills of writing and further develop my writing. So, I thought that was my highlight of 2023.

Keira Montgomery, 3L: One of the biggest highlights of 2023 for me was passing the Tulalip Tribal Bar, and being able to work with the clinic under Brenda Williams and Maya Titova.

Lulu Wen, M.J.: I think, I learned a lot of knowledge about law. I can think about the legal things in context. And I can protect myself better.

Mia Qu, 3L: One of the highlights from 2023 is that I finally found the firm that I will be working with once I graduate. And I'm really fortunate to have that opportunity. And also, personally, I got engaged in 2023. So, that's definitely some good memories.

R.J. Richard, 2L: Well, right now, I'm pretty excited, you know, because I'm taking intellectual property courses, but it's taught by law teachers from different countries, I think that's really inspiring. Because we have a lot of students that come from different countries that are already lawyers in their specific countries. And it's really interesting to compare the intellectual property systems in, you know, different countries, and how they all fit together.

Ilinca Slabu, 1L: One of my highlights from 2023 was probably finding out I got into law school, and then finding out I got into law school here, which is where I've always wanted to go because that's been what I've been wanting to do since probably my freshman year of high school.

UW Law: Do you have any resolutions for 2024?

Jasneet Sandhu, 1L: So, I would say a resolution of mine going into 2024 is just on making sure that like, being at UW Law that I'm using all the opportunities that I'm given. There's lots of like room for me to support my community, I guess. That’s why I wanted to be here in the first place. So, I hope that coming into this year, and kind of getting a grip on things that I'm able to actually do that while I’m here.

Mostofa Hasan, LL.M.: I'm hoping to further my skills and knowledge that I gained from the law school and to apply for Ph.D. next year. And I’m also hoping to be a good father to my two kids,

Anisa Harcrow, 1L: I would say definitely getting a summer internship and learning to play my guitar more.

Steve Dada, LL.M.: Being kind to people. Like I said, the world needs help. And it takes individuals like you and I to be able to bring this kind of solution by trying to let people know that they are not in it alone. You know, we're in this world together and we need to bring a solution to be able to at least have us grow. And for 2024 I really want to see a situation whereby we have a world that is devoid of war. A world that there is no corruption. A world where I mean there is no hatred, there's no animosity, and I think this is actually achievable.

Miranda Glisson, 1L: My New Year's resolution for 2024 would be expanding my network here in Seattle and meeting new people.

Juwon Lee, 2L: My resolution for 2024 is about better balancing my student life versus my personal life.

Veronique Harris, 1L: So, my resolutions in 2024 are how I can be the best advocate and activist for the communities that I'm passionate about. So, for the Black community, the low-income community who raised me in Seattle, for the Palestinian community. I want to see how I can serve these communities best as a law student with this new privilege that I have being a 1L, and see how I can move forward in my career, and also just like as a community member who is passionate about service work.