Environmental Law Symposium to Explore Megaquakes

This year’s Environmental Law Symposium will explore the environmental harms associated with large earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest, particularly the megaquake scenario in the Cascadia Subduction Zone.

Businesses Shape International Law Through ‘Astroturf Activism,’ Paper Finds

Melissa Durkee examines the role powerful corporate interests play in international legal processes, and how they can covertly co-opt NGOs to lobby lawmakers on their behalf.

Why Law Matters

For Washington, For the World, UW Law is a Force for Change

Water Is Life Brings Together Law and Art in New Exhibit

Two University of Washington School of Law student organizations have brought the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protest to life in a new photography exhibit.

Former Governor Meets 2016 Gregoire Fellows

Nine fellows entered the UW School of Law this fall.

Q&A: Global Business Law Institute

The Global Business Law Institute aims to help a new generation of lawyers gain the skills needed to work in a global marketplace. We sat down with Scott Schumacher, associate dean for academic administration, to learn more.