posted Jun 07, 2017

Steve Calandrillo receives UW Distinguished Teaching Award

Steve Calandrillo, the Jeffrey & Susan Brotman Professor of Law, has received a prestigious Distinguished Teaching Award from the University of Washington. He will be honored at a campus-wide ceremony on June 8.

“My teaching philosophy is simple: students first,” says Calandrillo. “I believe that if we are to do our part to remedy the harms of past discrimination against disadvantaged groups, we must forge the bonds of mentorship, mutual respect and friendship with our students. Only then can we give students real support that ensures their future success and their ability to make a difference in the world.”

“Just as Professor Calandrillo is known to all of his students as an innovative and effective teacher and scholar, his colleagues at the UW and around the nation know him in the same way,” praises Kellye Testy, the Toni Rembe Dean of UW School of Law. “He can always be counted upon to inspire aspirations for and achievement of educational excellence. By his own effort, he models the kind of faculty member we should always seek at the UW, one accomplished enough to make a major impact in his field and also humble enough to keep learning and sharing that learning with others.”

The Distinguished Teaching Awards are given out each year by the University of Washington to honor faculty members for their work with students. Recipients are chosen based on a variety of criteria including but not limited to mastery of the subject matter; ability to engage students both within and outside of the classroom; and innovations in course and curriculum design.

Previous recipients of the award from the law school include Elizabeth Porter (2014), Louis Wolcher (2005) and Anita Ramasastry (1998).