posted Feb 21, 2017

Immigration Workshop Offers Assistance to UW Community

On Feb. 17, a diverse audience of over one hundred people attended the UW Community Immigration Workshop at William H. Gates Hall. Hosted by the UW School of Law Clinical Law program, the event featured a panel that explored issues stemming from President Trump’s executive orders and travel ban, and individual consultations to provide free legal advice.

Panelists included Angélica Chárazo, professor of law, Susan Larrance, international scholar advisor, Christopher Strawn, director of the Immigration Clinic, Machelle Allman, assistant director of International Student Services and Christine Cimini, associate dean for experiential education. The panel discussion ranged from clarifying recent executive orders and court challenges, to possible changes in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy and services available on campus.

 “This is a time of a lot of fear and a lot of confusion, and misinformation,” said Strawn. “It’s really hard to tell if what you’re hearing is true or not. Using your research skills to check the sources is very important. And the mixed messages are coming from the administration, not just from the internet at large.”

To cope with the uncertainty, Chárazo recommended creating a plan ahead of time if faced with detention. A parenting plan might cover who can pick up children from school or make medical decisions on the parent’s behalf, or account for assets and property, such as paying rent or mortgage.

Following the panel and question-and-answer session, ten volunteer pro-bono lawyers provided one-on-one consultations to 69 individuals.