Academic Success Programs Resources for Learners: Workshops

Academic Success Programs will present to entering students at the fall orientation. In addition to those presentations, the program will offer workshops, lectures and forums open to all students on topics related to student learning and academic success.

Title Date
Getting it DONE: What You Need to Know to Graduate, Pass the Bar, & Land a Job (PDF)

Watch the Getting it DONE Workshop on Panopto.
Jan. 8, 2020
12:30–1:20 p.m.
Watch the Bar Admission 2020: Navigating the Licensing Landscape workshop on Zoom. May 7, 2020
12:30–1:20 p.m.

Dialing It In: Refining Your Study Skills

Watch the Dialing it In Workshop on Panopto.

October 7, 2020
12:30–1:20 p.m.
Outlining Essentials Wednesday,
October 21,
12:30–1:20 p.m.
Exam Preparation Wednesday,
November 25,