Students at the UW School of Law are what make our law school community special. While all of our students lead busy lives inside and outside of the classroom, our SAC Members are willing to answer questions, offer candid advice and share their law school experiences.

Feel free to contact any of our ambassadors to learn more about them and their decision to choosing the University of Washington.

Cameron Cantrell, 2L

Cameron Cantrell


Hometown: Redmond, WA
Undergrad Institution: Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Worcester, MA)
Undergrad Course of Study: B.S. in Society, Technology & Policy, focused on the history of technology; minor in Discrete Mathematics
Law School Activities: Cyberlaw Association of Washington; Public Interest Law Association; Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts
Professional Experience (before and during law school): Google Public Policy Fellow at Upturn; Policy Advocacy Intern at the ACLU of Washington; 1L Fellow at Susman Godfrey
Why I chose UW Law: The midsize major city environment, the opportunity to join the Technology Law and Public Policy Clinic (which I began this year!), and Seattle's cyber law practice community.

Gabrielle Apana, 2L (PILA Ambassador)

Gabrielle Apana


Hometown: Vancouver, WA
Undergrad Institution: University of California, Los Angeles
Undergrad Major: Sociology
Law School Activities: Public Interest Law Association RSO Relations Chair, UW National Lawyers Guild, Washington Innocence Project, Tribal Court Clinic
Professional Experience: Summer Intern at Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, Volunteer at National Crime Victim Law Institute, Expert Witness Researcher for a private defense firm
Why I chose UW Law: I wanted to return to my Washington roots to practice law and Seattle is full of opportunities for aspiring lawyers. I was also drawn to the passion and expertise of the faculty and students. Finally, the opportunity to work in the Tribal Court Clinic is incredible.