UW Law takes a holistic approach in supporting students. By integrating academic advising, wellness and career services, UW Law helps students maximize their time and find courses and activities to support their career goals. In addition to receiving assistance in academic and career planning, students also have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and to receive guidance from faculty and professional mentors.


During their first year of law school, UW Law students are paired with both a faculty and professional mentor. Faculty mentors support students with a variety of resources, including academic success strategies and course selection advising. Professional mentors are attorneys in the local community who volunteer their time to support students. Mentors may review application documents, conduct mock interviews and assist students in building their professional network. Having the support and guidance of professionals both inside and outside of the building is imperative to the success of each UW Law student.

Academic Success Program

The Academic Success Program is a collaborative effort by members of the UW Law Faculty, the Gallagher Law Librarians, UW Law’s Graduate Program Administration and Student and Career Services to ensure that each student has access to the resources they need to meet the academic challenges of law school. The program hosts sessions to help students hone the skills necessary to do well academically, including briefing cases, outlining courses and preparing for exams.


UW Law’s wellness initiatives seek to provide students with the resources they need to deal with the stressors of law school. These resources include the Peer Support Program run by Professor Andy Benjamin, JD, PhD, ABPP and current UW Law students. The program provides peer support and counseling to help end feelings of isolation while at law school, resources to manage stress and also promotes mental health in our student community. See the Associate Dean for Students for more information.

Leadership Development

UW Law students work with the coaches in Student and Career Services to develop leadership skills during their time in law school. Strong leaders must be thoughtful, adaptable and excellent communicators. Through individualized coaching, student leaders develop these competencies which will serve them throughout their legal career.

Student Organization Support

Student organizations at UW Law work closely with the Student Bar Association, the dean for students and Student and Career Services to meet their organizational needs and to ensure their events and initiatives are a success.