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Bluebook Update


The Twenty-First Edition of the Bluebook was released this summer. While the new edition follows the same basic approach to legal citations as previous editions, it has been reorganized to improve ease of access to information. Additionally, some citations have been expanded or modified to reflect the increasing and evolving range of information referenced in legal citations. As frequent Bluebook users, WLR is highlighting some of the exciting changes in the new edition here.

In the Bluepages, Rule B6 now provides practitioners with the option of closing up abbreviations in reporter names to conserve the number of words used in court documents. Additionally, Rule BT2 in the Bluetable now reflects current local citation rules in federal and state courts.

In the Whitepages, several noteworthy changes were implemented. First, Rule 1.4 no longer dictates a specific order of authorities in a signal. Now, the Rule commands that authorities be ordered in a logical manner, placing the most relevant sources before the less relevant ones. Second, Rule 10.8.1(a) provides clearer guidance on citing specific case docket numbers. Third, the new Rule 18.8 provides guidance on citing photographs and illustrations. 

For more information about the changes in the Twenty-First Edition of The Bluebook, check out the UW Law Library’s guide here.